• ESM United  is a group of Unions composed of more than five hundred highly qualified professionals that have chosen to dedicate their careers to educating the children of the East Syracuse and Minoa, New
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  • ESM SRP is The Union of the 'School Related Professionals', who work in health service, transportation, clerical and technical fields, as well as the classroom - make vital contributions to education.   The Role
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  • ESMUT, East Syracuse Minoa United Teachers, is a Union of the K-12 classroom teachers at East Syracuse - Minoa Schools. The First Amendment of the BILL OF RIGHTS provides: "Congress shall make no law
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Can you handle the truth?

It’s coming down to the wire. This month, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule in a case that could seriously undermine public-sector unions like ours. This case ― Janus v. AFSCME ― is funded by wealthy special interests who have been fighting to destroy your ability to collectively bargain for fair wages, good benefits and a secure retirement for decades.

These are the same forces that tried to push a New York Constitutional Convention down our throats last year.

Spread the truth about how the wealthy elites are using Janus v. AFSCME to attack working Americans! Watch and share this video.

This video from the Smithtown Teachers’ Association lays out exactly why there is so much at stake for so many workers across our nation, and underscores why we must band together to fight for what is right.

Spread the truth about how the wealthy elites are using Janus v. AFSCME to attack working Americans! Watch and share this video.

Our movement is too important for us to stand back and let our enemies win.  Now, more than ever, it is critical for us to stick with our union.

In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta
NYSUT President



Following is an interview with John Mannion, candidate for NYS Senate district 50. John is a NYSUT member, he has the NYSUT early endorsement for this race. Please contact Shelly Chizzonite if you are interested in helping with his campaign.
15 Things NYSUT Members Need to Know About the New Tax Law
Janus vs. AFSCME:  What it means for you...

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